Developmental Psychiatry Section

The Developmental Psychiatry Section is a federation of clinical and research scientists in learning disabilities, child and adolescent psychiatry and developmental psychology. The aim of the Section is to focus teaching and research in developmental psychiatry across the lifespan. This web site provides details of personnel, specific research projects and interests.

Child And Adolescent Psychiatry Unit

The Section carries out a range of research projects in development and psychopathology with a focus on the continuities and discontinuities between normal and abnormal emotional and behavioural processes. There are major programmes of research into the psychoendocrine aspects of depressive disorders; executive and social cognitions into disruptive behavioural syndromes, ADHD and neuropsychiatric disorders; emotion psychology and psychophysiology of behavioural control. There are strong links with molecular genetics and neuroimaging and a robust partnership with mental health services in order to conduct effectiveness research including randomised controlled trials and studies to evaluate the efficiency of child and adolescent mental health service delivery.